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The development of mobile applications is the procedure or process by which programs are written on different mobile phones running Android and IOS.

These applications can be installed on phones while manufacturing platforms, or delivered as Web applications where data is processed by the server.

Any mobile apps Development Agency should also take into account a long set of elements when developing any mobile software or application. This is because each mobile is different from the other, so mobile app development company should take into account all these differences in screen sizes, hardware specifications, and hardware quality. The first is its ability to deal with all types of machines that are experiencing very competitive production.

The field of mobile applications development is witnessing steady growth in revenues and jobs created in the market. The market analysts report that there are 529,000 jobs submitted by many web development agencies and mobile application development companies, including the Android App Development, IOS App Development, and programming companies.
As part of the development process, the user interface design is essential when designing mobile applications of modern models. The user interface is one of the most important elements used to motivate users to use this application. The simpler the design, the more user will use it.

Mobile UI design limitations include great interest from the mobile application programmer, as it adjusts several factors in the user interface such as format, mobile screen size, and viewing status.
The goal of the mobile user interface design is basically to find an easy-to-use interface that is easy to understand and handle by the user.

Performance is an important criterion that helps to understand the relationship between the program and the user. The research adopted by the mobile app design company, design and programming of Android and ISO applications indicates a strong relationship between application performance and user satisfaction, so performance and improvement is the concern of every programmer.
As well as the situation in Egypt, any mobile Apps development company in Egypt care about the performance aspect because they believe in its direct effect on the application.

Mobile app testing

The mobile application is first tested in the development environment using simulations and then presented for field testing. Simulators provide an inexpensive way to test applications on mobile phones that developers may not actually have access to.

Egypt is one of the emerging countries in the field of mobile application development, where every mobile application programming company in Egypt tries to provide the best market for it so that it can have the confidence of a larger number of users.

Therefore, when companies produce a new application, the application has to be compatible with all mobile operating systems, an application design for IOS and an application design for Android should be made for each application developed by the company to increase the customer segment.


To create a successful product, many companies pay close attention to every stage of the application development process. After this process comes to the marketing role.

There are many companies that market applications, marketing is very important in introducing the user to the new product and motivating him to use it more than once.

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